The Fibrgro coco fiber Bag is designed to be used both as a propagation unit and a growing unit in the greenhouse. The Fibrgro coco fiber Bag allows to propagate larger plants and it brings immediate cost savings for the grower as this product has a double function (propagation cube and growbag in one).
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    Fibrgro Open Top sac fibre coco 5 gallons
    Fibrgro Premium Coco 50L
    Fibrgro sac fibres coco 3 Gallon 40/60
    Fibrgro Buffered Open Top Bag 2 Gallon 40/60 Boîte de 18
    Fibrgro Buffered Open Top Bag 1 Gallon 40/60 boîte de 39
    Fibrgro Fibre de coco tamponnée Open Top Bag 50/50
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