Alfred Horticulture manufactures a wide range of items designed for growers like you. Whether you grow hydroponically, in greenhouses, or in soil, Alfred has you covered. From the seeding stage right through propagation or harvest, you will find the tools you need to make your job easier. Here you will find anything from full growing systems, complete with everything you need, to the smallest accessory. Grow like a pro with Alfred Horticulture Products.

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    Alfred Dwc System
    from $82.95
    Alfred Weather Station W / Probe
    Alfred Air Pump
    from $9.99 Regular price $15.95 Save 37%
    Alfred Water Pump
    from $19.95
    Alfred Digital EC / TDS / Temperature Hydro Tester
    Alfred Titanium Water Heater 300w
    Sold Out
    Alfred Flat Tray
    Alfred Clear Dome 7"
    Alfred Trellis Netting
    from $11.95
    Alfred Airstone Cylinder
    from $3.95
    Alfred Black Saucer Reusable
    from $1.95
    Alfred Digital pH / Temperature Water Resistant Tester
    Alfred Digital Temp Controller for Heat Mat
    Alfred Horticulture Airline Tubing Blue
    Lightgrip Lighthanger 1/8'' (Pair)
    Alfred's Precision Scale 3Kg / 0.1grm
    Alfred pH Test Strips (4.5-9) Unit
    Alfred Curved Pruner
    Sale price $13.95 Regular price $15.95 Save 13%
    Alfred PRO Commercial Scale 0.2grm / 6Kg SS Pan
    Sale price $179.99 Regular price $199.95 Save 10%
    Alfred Precision Scale 0.01g / 500g
    Sold Out
    Soil Ph Meter 4-in-1 Meter
    Alfred Heat Mat
    from $39.99
    Plant Clips Spring Loaded Small 1 3/4" X 1
    Alfred Lid 12" Net Pot
    Bucket 5 Gallon Black Alfred
    Alfred Airstone
    from $2.95
    Alfred Airline Blue Tubing 20' X 1/4"
    Alfred Cage W / Bottom
    from $6.49
    Alfred Bypass Hand Pruner
    Alfred Phone Microscope 60x W / Usb Charger
    Mini Clip Pruner
    Alfred Curved Titanium Pruner
    Sale price $14.95 Regular price $16.95 Save 12%
    Alfred Straight Titanium Pruner
    Sale price $14.95 Regular price $16.95 Save 12%
    Alfred Straight Pruner
    Sale price $13.95 Regular price $15.95 Save 13%
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