Plants fertilizer supplement

    To enhance plant nutrition, fertilizer supplements actively complement base fertilizers by supplying additional nutrients. They specifically target deficiencies or growth stages in plants, ensuring optimized development.

    Supplements manifest in diverse forms such as liquid, granular, or powder, and can be either organic or synthetic. They encompass a wide range of examples, including micronutrient fertilizers that furnish vital minerals like iron or zinc, bloom boosters that stimulate flower and fruit formation, and root stimulants that foster robust root growth and nutrient absorption.

    Supplements seamlessly integrate into customized nutrient profiles, either used alone or combined with other supplements and base fertilizers. Their precise application during specific growth stages, such as vegetative or flowering phases, precisely meets the plant's nutrient requirements.

    In essence, fertilizer supplements actively amplify plant nutrition alongside base fertilizers. Whether organic or synthetic, they proficiently address specific deficiencies or growth stages. Proper incorporation of fertilizer supplements within a balanced nutrient regimen can significantly elevate plant growth and yield.

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    Power SI Original
    from $95.99 Regular price $149.99 Save 36%
    Green Planet - Pro Cal
    from $16.99
    Canna - RhizoTonic XP
    from $25.85
    Fred T. Lizer- Cal/Mag
    from $2.99
    Hygrozyme Horticultural Enzymatic Formula
    from $52.99
    Power Pack
    from $14.95
    Optimum Hydroponix® Humex Fossil Force
    from $11.70
    Advanced Nutrients - Overdrive
    from $13.99
    Fred T.Lizer - Leafshine
    from $5.59
    Power SI Bloom
    from $95.99 Regular price $169.99 Save 44%
    Optimum Hydroponix® Optical-mg
    from $14.95
    Optimum Hydroponix® Mystik Roots
    from $54.60
    Canna- Boost Accelerator
    from $44.90
    House & Garden Bud XL
    from $75.00
    Advanced Nutrients - Big Bud Liquid
    from $12.99
    Canna - CannaZym
    from $14.49
    Fred T. Lizer- Roots & Rhizo
    from $19.99
    Advanced Nutrients - B-52
    from $8.99
    Canna - Canna Start
    from $15.95
    Canna- Bio Rhizotonic
    from $25.95
    Canna- Bio Boost
    from $39.99
    Fred T. Lizer- PK BLOOM
    from $2.99
    Optimum Hydroponix® Supermax B1
    from $15.95
    full tilt™: late bloom ripener
    from $19.95 Regular price $23.63 Save 16%
    Athena Cleanse
    from $79.99
    from $20.00
    Fred T. Lizer- Vitalizer
    from $19.99
    Fred T. Lizer- Enzylizer
    from $19.99
    Fred T. Lizer- Elemental
    from $4.99
    Optimum Hydroponix® Fulvex Fossil Force
    from $15.00
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    House & Garden Amino Traitement
    from $44.00
    House & Garden Drip Clean
    from $30.00
    House & Garden Top Booster
    from $29.00
    House & Garden MultiZen
    from $55.00
    House & Garden Roots Excelurator Gold
    from $100.00
    Cultured Solution Bud Booster Mid
    from $33.99 Regular price $109.99 Save 69%
    Uc Roots
    from $24.99
    Botanicare Cal-Mag
    from $33.95
    Green Planet - Liquid Weight
    from $22.99
    Fred T. Lizer- Heavylizer
    from $19.99
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