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Invivo Nutrients- A/B/X

SKU: invia1
Invivo Nutrients- A/B/X
Invivo Nutrients- A/B/X
Invivo Nutrients- A/B/X

Invivo Nutrients- A/B/X

SKU: invia1
Regular price $15.95

The fertilizer INV-101 A is part of a complete plant nutrition program, and constitutes the first part of three formulations.

Its main function is to provide the calcium needed to meet your plants’ nutritional requirements. To do so, we’ve selected the purest form available, calcium nitrate tri-hydrate. This type of calcium also offers 100% nitrogen in the form of nitrate with no ammonia intake. In addition, it leaves no residues in your irrigation systems.

To complete the nitrogen intake, we’ve added two other Nitrate sources, potassium nitrate and magnesium nitrate. Both these products also provide part of the Phosphorus and Magnesium your plants require

The fertilizer INV-101 B is part of a complete plant nutrition program, it is the second part of three formulations.

Its main role is to provide the Phosphorus, the Potassium and all the trace elements necessary for the nutrition of your
plants. To do this we chose Mono-Potassium Phosphate and Potassium Sulfate, we supplement the intake of Magnesium with Magnesium Sulfate.

All the trace elements, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn were added in optimal proportions. The EDTA chelate form was recommended to guarantee their availability, therefore meeting your cultivation requirements.

The INV-101 X fertilizer is part of a complete plant nutrition program, it is the third part of three formulations.

Its main function is to provide a surplus of Phosphorus and Potassium at a crucial time on your cultivation calendar. This addition allows you to optimize the development of flower scapes and promotes weight gain.

By modifying the N-P-K ratio, we also limit vegetative growth which allows the plant to reach its complete floral development. To do so, we take the Mono-Potassium Phosphates and add Magnesium Nitrate to complete your plants Magnesium requirements during this important physiological period.

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