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HydroponicsPro is an equipment store specialized in Indoor and Outdoor Gardening.

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Trolmaster Hydro-x Plus

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The newest Trolmaster Hydro-X Plus controller is now available!
Trolmaster Aqua-X Pro

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The newest Trolmaster Aqua-X Pro Controller is now available!

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Having several years of experience in the field of gardening, we are passionate and ready to guide you throughout your gardening projects!

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We can help you in all aspects of a hydroponic system.

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They have an outstanding customer service!

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I made an order and they took the trouble to contact me to tell me that I was missing a product for my PH and PPM TROLMASTER probe to work well with my Aqua-x controller!

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Michel Leduc

I really like this company because we can order online and pick up our order directly at the branch

Author's name
Caroline Brodeur

Good job! I have always received my orders online within 5 days!

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Peter Anserson

Lots of choices at HydroponicsPro

At Hydroponicspro, we distribute many quality brands that will make each of our customers happy!