FuturVert is Designed for a controlled environment requiring a uniform and highly efficient photosynthetic flux density level, the FuturVert LED superior green lighting solutions optimize the growth rate of your plants for the best performance in the industry.

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    Futur vert floramax FM8 LED 2.5µMOL 660W 120V / 277V
    futur vert floranurse led 80w 120-277v
    futur vert m15 , type-f 4 connectors fn & flm
    Futur Vert FloraVeg 150W high performance LED grow light
    FuturVert UVA supplementary bar for flowering 120 CM
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    futur vert horti-green led 30w 100v-277v
    Futur vert floramax fm3 LED 2.5µMOL 240W 120V / 277V
    Futur Vert Daisy chain 120v-240v cable
    Futur vert FloraVegMini 150W high performance LED grow light 24''
    Futur Vert - FloraQueen 680W greenhouse LED top lighting grow light
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    Futur Vert Light Controller
    futur vert m15 3 power bar connector for fn & flm
    futur vert m15 , type-f 2 connectors fn&flm
    futur vert floranurse led 40w 120-277v
    futur vert horti-green led 20w 100v-277v
    Futur vert floraleaf led 40W-2.5µmol 120V-277V
    futur vert floraleaf led 60W-2.5µmol 120V-277V
    FuturVert UVA supplementary bar for flowering 60CM
    Futur vert floramax fm4 led 2.5µmol 320W 120V / 277V
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