Plants Base Fertilizer

    Base fertilizers actively supply plants with the essential nutrients they need for growth. They nourish plants by delivering vital elements like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which play a pivotal role in promoting healthy development.

    Farmers and gardeners proactively apply base fertilizers to the soil before planting or as a top dressing throughout the growing season. Whether organic or synthetic, these fertilizers are carefully tailored to suit specific plant species and soil types.

    They blend seamlessly with other fertilizers and supplements, creating a dynamic nutrient profile that actively supports optimal plant growth. Base fertilizers serve as the cornerstone for plant vitality, actively enhancing both yield and quality. Through their active nutrient provision, they drive robust and flourishing plant growth.

    52 products
    Invivo Fertilizers
    from $15.95
    House & Garden Coco Base Nutrients
    from $22.99
    Canna - Coco 2 Parts Nutrients - A/B
    from $17.49
    Athena PRO Powder Nutrients
    from $67.99
    House & Garden Soil Nutrients
    from $22.00
    Optimum Hydroponix® Base Nutrients Bloom A&b
    from $29.60
    Fred-T-Lizer - Terra Nutrients
    from $2.99
    General Hydroponics Floranova Series
    from $26.19
    Floraflex Nutrients – B2
    from $12.89
    Floraflex Nutrients – B1
    from $11.89
    Floraflex Nutrients – V1
    from $11.89
    Floraflex Nutrients – V2
    from $12.89
    Cyco Nutrients Bloom
    from $15.95
    Optimum Hydroponix® Base Nutrients Grow A&b
    from $29.60
    Fred T. Lizer - Aqua Fertilizer
    from $2.99
    MO'KOKO Grow Base Nutrients For Coco
    from $14.20
    General Hydroponics Flora Series
    from $15.99
    Cultured Solutions Veg
    from $25.99
    Fred T. Lizer- Slow release (fall formula)
    from $2.49
    Fred T. Lizer- Slow release (summer formula)
    from $2.49
    General Hydroponics FloraPro
    from $50.98
    Fred T. Lizer- Slow release (Spring formula)
    from $2.49
    Cyco Nutrients Grow
    from $15.95
    Acti-Sol - Sprinkle-on organic fertilizer for vegetables and fine herbs 4-2-8 350g
    MO'KOKO Flowering Base Nutrients For Coco
    from $14.20
    Cultured Solutions Bloom
    from $25.99 Regular price $59.99 Save 57%
    Canna- Bio Flores
    from $31.99
    Green Planet - Hydro Fuel Bloom
    from $17.99
    Green Planet - Dual Fuel Part 2
    from $21.99
    Canna Peat mix fertilizer
    from $17.89
    Acti-Sol - Tomatoes and vegetables organic fertilizer 4-6-8 1.5 Kg
    Green Planet - 3 Part GP3
    from $17.99
    Athena Grow Base Liquid Nutrients
    from $65.00
    Green Planet - Hydro Fuel Grow
    from $17.99
    Green Planet - Dual Fuel Part 1
    from $21.99
    Canna-Terra Vega
    from $28.29
    Canna-Terra Flores
    from $28.29
    Acti-Sol - Organic transplanting fertilizer 4-10-2 1.5 Kg
    Acti-Sol - Multipurpose organic fertilizer (pure hen manure) 5-3-2 1.36Kg
    Green Planet - 1 Part Medi One Kit
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