Fertilizers and supplements are products that are used to provide plants with essential nutrients to support their growth and development.Fertilizers are products that contain essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These nutrients are essential for plant growth and are often found in soil naturally.

    However, in many cases, the soil may be deficient in certain nutrients, which can result in stunted growth, poor quality crops, and low yields. Fertilizers are used to supplement the soil with these missing nutrients to ensure healthy plant growth and developmentFertilizers come in different forms, including granular, liquid, and organic.

    Supplements, on the other hand, are products that are designed to provide plants with additional nutrients that may not be found in standard fertilizers. These supplements are often used in conjunction with fertilizers and may contain essential vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients that are important for plant health.Supplements can be used for various purposes, such as improving plant growth and yield, increasing plant resistance to pests and diseases, or enhancing the plant's flavor or aroma.

    They are available in various forms, including powders, liquids, and tablets, and can be applied directly to the soil or mixed into the water used for irrigation.In summary, fertilizers and supplements are essential products for plant growth and development.

    Fertilizers provide essential nutrients, while supplements provide additional nutrients to support optimal plant health, growth, and yield. It is essential to use the correct type and amount of fertilizer and supplements to ensure healthy plant growth and prevent nutrient deficiencies or excesses.

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    Invivo Fertilizer
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    House & Garden Coco Base Nutrients
    from $22.99
    Fred T. Lizer- Terra Nutrients
    from $2.99
    Floraflex Nutrients – B1
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    Green Planet - Dual Fuel Part 2
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    Athena PRO Powder Nutrients
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    Power SI Original
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    Advanced Nutrients - Big Bud Liquid
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    Green Planet - Pro Cal
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    Canna - RhizoTonic XP
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    House & Garden Soil Nutrients
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    Optimum Hydroponix® Base Nutrients Bloom A&b
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    Hygrozyme Horticultural Enzymatic Formula
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    Power Pack
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    Optimum Hydroponix® Humex Fossil Force
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    Jurassic Carbo-Boost
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    GH Floranova Series
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    Optimum Hydroponix® Base Nutrients Grow A&b
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    Power SI Bloom
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    Optimum Hydroponix® Optical-mg
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    Floraflex Nutrients – B2
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    House & Garden Bud XL
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    Advanced Nutrients - Overdrive
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    Fred T. Lizer- Roots & Rhizo
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    Cultured Solutions Veg
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    gaia green power bloom 2-8-4
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    Optimum Hydroponix® Mystik Roots
    from $54.60
    Floraflex Nutrients – V1
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    Canna- Boost Accelerator
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    Floraflex Nutrients – V2
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    House & Garden Amino Traitement
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    House & Garden MultiZen
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    Canna - CannaZym
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    Canna- Bio Rhizotonic
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    Canna- Bio Boost
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    Athena Cleanse
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    Cyco Nutrients Grow
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    Cyco Nutrients Bloom
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    Cultured Solutions Bloom
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