Welcome to our Cold Extraction collection, where the magic of oil extraction comes to life! With a range of high-quality products specially designed for cold pressing extraction, we've got everything you need to create the purest and most potent oils. Our Extraction Bag Pro series offers options for both large-scale production with the 55-gallon bags and smaller batches with the 26-gallon bags. These durable bags ensure maximum extraction efficiency and are a must-have for any serious extractor. For those who prefer a gentler approach, our Bubble Magic Washing Bags are here to elevate your cold extraction game. The 220-micron bags provide exceptional filtration, capturing even the tiniest particles and leaving you with a clean and pure end product. If you're working with smaller quantities, our Xxxtractor bags are perfect for you. Available in both 5-gallon and 26-gallon sizes, these bags deliver outstanding results while maintaining simplicity and ease of use. Looking to streamline your extraction process? Our Bubble Magic Washing Machine, complete with a 220-micron bag, takes the hassle out of the equation. Simply load, wash, and watch as it works its magic. We also offer a selection of replacement drums for our pollen tumblers. With the Bubble Magic Replacement drum, you can keep your tumbler running smoothly and maintain the efficiency of your extraction process. Unlock the full potential of your oil extraction journey with our Cold Extraction collection. From pros to beginners, our products cater to every level of expertise. Start exploring and experience the incredible benefits of cold extraction today!

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    Extraction Bag Pro 55 Gal Bags
    from $119.95
    Extraction Bag Pro 26 Gal Bags
    from $71.99
    Bubble Magic Washing Bag 220 Micron
    from $59.95
    Xxxtractor 5 Gal Bags
    from $39.95
    Bubble Magic Washing Machine W / 220 Micron Bag
    from $299.95
    Xxxtractor 26 Gal Bags
    from $99.99
    Bubble Magic Replacement drum for pollen tumbler
    from $359.00
    Bubble Magic Pollen Tumbler
    from $879.99
    Extraction Bag Pro 5 Gal Bags
    from $42.99
    Xxxtractor Wash Bag 220 Micron
    from $61.95
    Xxxtractor 55 Gal Bags
    from $119.99
    Xxxtractor Kit 1 Gal Bags
    from $22.95
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