Carbon dioxide is an essential element for plant photosynthesis! Add Co2 to your grow room to increase your production by up to 40%!

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    TrolMaster Digital CO2 PPM Controller
    Energy Co2 Regulator
    Tnb Enhancer Co2 Refill Bag
    Tnb Enhancer Co2 Canister
    TrolMaster Hydro-X CO2 Sensor
    Co2 Steel Cylinder 20 LBS (empty)
    Co2 Aluminum Cylinder (empty)
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    Green Gold Co2 Regulator 0.5 - 15
    Co2 Distribution tubing 1/4 20'
    Tnb Enhancer Co2 Canister Hanger
    TrolMaster Carbon-X CO2 Sensor with Cable Set
    TrolMaster CO2 Emergency Stop Station with Cable Set
    TrolMaster Hydro-X CO2 Device Station
    TrolMaster CO2 Alarm Station (Audio/Visual) with LED Display and Cable Set
    TrolMaster CO2 Alarm Station (Audio/Visual) with Cable Set
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