Controllers and timers are essential to manage the photoperiod of your plants!

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    Trolmaster Hydro-X Controller HCS-1
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    Futur Vert Light Controller
    hf surge protector w / 8 outlet & timer
    TimeMaster Mechanical Timer 120V 2 Outlets Max 15A
    Garden Controls Cycle Timer
    Timemaster Weekly Digital Timer 8 ON / OFF Max 15A
    Intermatic Timer T-104 220 V
    auto-pilot dual digital grounded timer 7 day
    Trolmaster Lighting Control Adapter for ThinkGrow LED
    TrolMaster Hydro-X Lighting Control Adapter - Lantern Schedule [0-10V]
    TrolMaster Lighting Control Adapter for DLI Ballasts
    TrolMaster Hydro-X LMA-14 Lighting Control Adapter - LED [0-10V Protocol]
    TrolMaster Hydro-X Lighting Control Adapter - S Ballasts
    TrolMaster Hydro-X Lighting Control Adapter - D Ballasts
    TrolMaster Hydro-X Lighting Control Adapter - P Ballasts
    TrolMaster Hydro-X RJ12 to 3.5mm Jack Converter Cable Set
    TrolMaster Hydro-X Pro 4-in-1 Controller with Cable Set
    TrolMaster Full Spectrum Quantum Sensor for Hydro-X System
    TrolMaster Digital Day/Night Remote Controller
    TrolMaster Day/Night Fans Speed Controller
    TrolMaster Digital Day/Night Temperature Controller
    TrolMaster Digital Day/Night Humidity Controller
    TrolMaster Digital CO2 PPM Controller
    TrolMaster Hawkeye Climate Monitor and Logger
    Trolmaster Hydro-X PLUS Environmental Control System
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    Trolmaster Group Control Lighting Adaptor(LMA-G)
    Trolmaster Aqua-X Pro Irrigation Control System(NFS-2)
    Trippers For Time Switch ON / OFF Pin
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