Welcome to our Harvest Accessories collection, where you'll find everything you need to enhance your harvesting experience. From the finest tools to clever gadgets, this collection is designed to make your post-grow journey a breeze. Explore our range of must-have accessories, including the Trim Bin in sleek black, perfect for efficiently manicuring your buds. Keep a keen eye on your harvest with the Green Gold Illuminated Magnifying Glass, boasting a powerful 40x zoom for inspecting trichomes. Need a closer look? Our Grow1 Clip Microscope is here to reveal hidden beauty with its impressive 60x magnification. Stay on top of your game with the Triminator Moisture Meter, ensuring you know the humidity content of your flowers. For the tech-savvy growers, we offer the Alfred Phone Microscope, equipped with a USB charger, allowing you to capture stunning close-up shots of your precious crops. With our Harvest Accessories collection, you can streamline your harvest process and unleash the true potential of your plants. Shop now and elevate your harvest game to new heights. Happy harvesting!

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    Trim Bin - Black
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    Triminator Moisture Meter
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    Green Gold Illuminated Magnifying Glass 40 X
    Grow1 Clip Microscope 60x
    Alfred Phone Microscope 60x W / Usb Charger
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