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    Athena exists to support the modern grower, no matter the scale. Their core principle is to formulate products that improve quality, reduce costs and drive consistency. Athena was born in the grow rooms of Los Angeles, California, where is always in pursuit of the perfect run. As the weight of being a cultivator increases, we exist to make the complex simple!
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    Athena Pro Mix Kit Soluble fertilizer
    Athena IPW (IPM) Integrated plant wash
    from $89.99
    Athena PRO Powder Nutrients
    from $67.99
    Athena Cleanse
    from $79.99
    Athena Renew cleaner 18.9l
    Athena - Fade
    from $57.99
    Athena Grow Base Liquid Nutrients
    from $57.99
    Athena VPDome 48''x72''x18''
    Athena Bloom Base Liquid Nutrients
    from $57.99
    Athena PK
    from $57.99
    Athena CaMg
    from $37.99
    Athena Perafoam 18.9l
    Athena Reset Cleaner 18.9l
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