Bluelab's entire product range has been developed with growers, for growers. This means that our robust, accurate and easy-to-use tools can withstand the knocks and drops that come with everyday growing.

    Whether you’re growing in soil, hydroponic solution or any other media, we have the perfect product for you.

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    Bluelab PH Pen
    Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC / MC Meter
    Bluelab PH Probe with 2000 mm cable
    Bluelab TDS Truncheon
    Bluelab EC 2.77 / 1385 ppm standard solution 500 ml
    bluelab storage solution ph probe kci
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    bluelab calibration solution ph4.0 500 ml
    bluelab calibration solution ph7.0 500 ml
    Bluelab Conductivity Pen
    Bluelab Guardian Monitor
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    Bluelab - Pump and Cassette replacement for pH Controller - 10mls
    Bluelab - Connect Stick 2
    BlueLab - Guardian Monitor Connect PH+EC+Temp
    Bluelab - Guardian monitor INLINE Connect
    Bluelab Leap PH probe for solution and substates
    Bluelab combo meter
    Bluelab Combo Meter Plus
    Bluelab Inline pH Probe
    Bluelab pH Controller
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