Do not guess. Know exactly what your pH, EC and total dissolved solid (TSD) levels are in your hydro reservoir or your media. You may have all of the nutrients that your crops need, but they are unavailable to them because your pH is too high or too low. By using one of these Hanna meters, you will be able to monitor and adjust your pH and nutrient levels in real time before any damage can be done.

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    Hanna Hi98129 Low Range pH/Conductivity/TDS Tester
    Hanna Hi98311 Ppm Tester Dist-5 Waterproof
    Hanna Hi98127 Ph Tester Phep4 Waterproof
    Hanna Hi981420 Ph / Tds / Ec Groline Monitor
    HANNA HI 70300L Storage Solution
    Hanna HI9814 pH / EC / TDS Waterproof Portable Meter
    Hanna Hi9811-5 Portable Ph / Ec / Tds / °c Meter
    Hanna Hi73311 Tds Probe For Hi98311-hi98312
    Hanna Hi1285-8 Ph / Tds / Ec Probe For Hi981420
    Hanna Hi1285-6 Ph / Tds / Ec Probe For Hi9813-6
    Hanna Hi1285-5 Ph / Tds / Ec Probe For Hi9811-9812-9813
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    Hanna Hi7031l Conductivity Calibration Solution 1413 500ml
    Hanna Hi73127 Ph Probe For Hi98127-hi98128-hi98129-hi9813
    Hanna Hi981030 Groline Ph Soil Tester
    Hanna Hi98107 Waterproof Ph Tester
    Hanna Hi98130 Ph / Ec / Tds Combo Tester High Range
    Hanna Hi1271 Ph Probe For Groline
    Hanna Hi98115 Groline Ph Tester
    Hanna Hi1285-7 Ph / Ec / Tds Probe For Hi9814
    Hanna Hi Mtnkit Cleaning + Storage Kit 2x 230ml
    General Purpose pH Electrode Cleaning Solution (500 mL)
    Hanna Hi7032l Tds 1382 Calibration Solution 500ml
    Hanna Hi7004l Buffer Ph 4 500ml
    Hanna Hi98301 Tds/ppm Tester Dist 1
    Hanna Hi9813-6n Ph / Tds Portable Meter Water Proof
    Hanna Hi5036-023 Ph / Ec Quick Calilbration Solution 230ml
    Hanna Hi50036p Ph / Ec Calibration Solution Sachets 25 X 20ml
    Hanna Hi7039l Buffer 5000ms / Cm Calibration 500ml
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