Koppert offer an integrated system of natural solutions to cultivate healthier and safer crops, enabling growers to improve quality and yield. With our continuous innovations and close-at-hand expert knowledge and consultancy, Koppert support growers in more than 100 countries to successfully apply sustainable growing methods. Koppert holistic approach is what sets us apart. Improving plant health both above and underground. All Koppert solutions support one goal: 100% sustainable agriculture. 

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    Koppert - Entonem
    from $39.99
    Koppert- Swirski-Mite 50,000 (Available in store only)
    Koppert- Entomite Tube (Available in store only)
    from $28.99
    Koppert- Thripor-I 1,000 (Available in store only)
    Koppert - Swirski-Mite Plus (Available in store only)
    from $10.00
    Koppert - Spical Plus (Available in store only)
    from $11.00
    Koppert - Spidex Vital (Available in store only)
    from $35.99
    Koppert - Swirski/Spical Ulti-Mite Combo Pack (50 sachets) (Available in store only)
    Koppert- Dibox Distribution Boxes (Available in store only)
    Koppert -Chrysopa (Chrysoperla carnea) (Available in store only)
    from $82.99
    Koppert - Aphidalia ( Predatory beetle (ladybird) (Available in store only)
    Koppert - Limonica (Amblydromalus limonicus) 12500u (Available in store only)
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