Earth Juice OilyCann

Earth Juice OilyCann
Earth Juice OilyCann
Earth Juice OilyCann
Earth Juice OilyCann

Earth Juice OilyCann

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Earth Juice OilyCann is recommanded for plants with Calcium & Magnesium deficiencies. OilyCann will also aid in buffering water with higher levels of sodium. Horticulturally engineered for indoor/outdoor plants, hydroponic & soil gardening. Can be used alone or together with liquid & dry fertilizers.

The quart-sized container of Earth Juice's OilyCann contains a liquid plant supplement that is made from natural calcium, magnesium, and humic acid. This formula is specially designed for indoor and outdoor plants, as well as hydroponic and soil gardening, and does not contain any nitrogen.

OilyCann is recommended for plants that suffer from calcium and magnesium deficiencies, or for those that require higher amounts of these nutrients, particularly during the blooming stage. In addition, it can help to regulate water with high levels of sodium. This supplement can be used alone or in combination with other liquid or dry fertilizers, making it versatile and suitable for a variety of plants and gardening methods.

Since 1991, Hydro-Organics Wholesale Inc, the makers of "Earth Juice", have pleased gardeners around the world. Hydro-Organics has been recognized as the leader in developing original fine crafted gardening products with an emphasis on using Premium Natural Ingredients in easy to use formulas for "Prize Winning" results.


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