Fred T. Lizer - Flush & Sweet

Fred T. Lizer - Flush & Sweet

Fred T. Lizer - Flush & Sweet

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Looking to enhance the fragrance and nectar of your flowers? Look no further than Fred T. Lizer's Flush & Sweet! This aromatic compound is made from natural essences, specially designed to boost the scent and sweetness of your blossoms.

With its easy application, you can dilute 2 ml of Flush & Sweet per litre of water and apply it during the final two weeks before harvest. This simple step will result in an explosion of delightful aromas and flavorful nectar.

But that's not all! Here are two key features of Flush & Sweet:

  • Optimal pH Regulation: To ensure your plants thrive, adjust the solution's pH to 6.3 in soil, 5.8 in coco, or 5.5 in hydroponic culture.
  • Approved for Medicinal Plants: Flush & Sweet is not only perfect for recreational use, but it's also approved for cultivating medicinal plants.

At Fred T. Lizer, we prioritize safety and high-quality standards. Rest assured that Flush & Sweet is thoroughly tested, ensuring compatibility with other products. However, always verify compatibility before use to safeguard your plants' health.

When using Flush & Sweet, it's important to follow safety measures. Avoid direct contact with eyes, and in case of contact, rinse immediately with water. If accidentally ingested, do not induce vomiting and seek medical help if symptoms develop.

With Fred T. Lizer's Flush & Sweet, you can enhance the fragrance and nectar of your flowers while cultivating with confidence. Purchase your bottle today and experience the transformative power of Flush & Sweet!

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