Integra Humidity Indicator - (10 / Pk)

Integra Humidity Indicator - (10 / Pk)

Integra Humidity Indicator - (10 / Pk)

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Looking for an affordable and hassle-free solution to accurately measure relative humidity levels? Say hello to the Integra Humidity Indicator! This pack includes 10 humidity indicating cards that are perfect for keeping tabs on the humidity levels in your space.

So, how does it work, you ask? It's as simple as can be! Just place one of these handy humidity indicating cards anywhere you want to monitor the humidity. Watch as the spots on the card magically transform from blue to pink, giving you an instant visual indication of the current humidity levels. No more guessing or complex instruments required!

The Integra Humidity Indicator is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of environments. From storage spaces and greenhouses to cigar humidors and more, it's a must-have for homeowners, business owners, and avid gardeners. Whether you need to maintain a specific level of humidity for your precious belongings or create optimal growing conditions for your plants, this humidity indicator has got you covered.

  • Easy and accurate: With its innovative color-changing spots, the Integra Humidity Indicator provides a quick and effortless way to measure relative humidity levels. Say goodbye to complex gadgets and hello to simplicity!
  • Versatile and reliable: Perfect for a wide range of applications, this humidity indicator ensures peace of mind for anyone concerned about maintaining the ideal humidity levels.

Each pack of the Integra Humidity Indicator contains 10 humidity indicating cards, making it easy to monitor multiple areas or replace cards when needed. Don't let the damaging effects of excess moisture go unnoticed. Invest in the Integra Humidity Indicator today and take control of your environment with confidence.


  • Quantity: 10 humidity indicating cards per pack
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