Tom's Tumbler Motor Upgrade Kit T1600


Tom's Tumbler Motor Upgrade Kit T1600

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This motor upgrade kit is the ultimate solution for taking your manual TTT 1600 hand crank to the next level of convenience. With the Tom's Tumbler Motor Upgrade Kit T1600, you can easily transform your trimmer into a fully motorized system, making your trimming process quicker and easier than ever before.

With this upgrade kit, you'll receive all the necessary motor and adaptor parts to seamlessly integrate the motor into your TTT 1600 frame. No more straining your arm with manual cranking; simply switch on the motor and let it do the hard work for you. Spend less time on trimming and more time on other important tasks.

But that's not all! This kit also includes essential accessories to enhance your trimming experience. You'll receive a 1/4" Meshnet specifically designed for separating popcorn-sized buds from trim, ensuring you achieve the perfect trim every time. Additionally, the kit comes with a Kief net to help you collect precious kief for future use.

We understand that cleanliness is important when it comes to trimming. That's why we've also included a dust cover and dust cover frame in this upgrade kit. These protective measures ensure that your trimming area stays clean and free from debris, giving you peace of mind.

It's important to note that the TTT1600 Trimmer is not included with this kit. However, when combined, these two products create a powerhouse trimming duo that will revolutionize your trimming process.

Upgrade your TTT 1600 hand crank trimmer today with the Tom's Tumbler Motor Upgrade Kit T1600. Experience the convenience of a fully motorized system and take your trimming efficiency to new heights.

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